Ad for Deathloop appears on Xbox dashboard

An ad for Arkane’s Deathloop has appeared on the Xbox dashboard.

The action game developed by Arkane was released on September 14 last year on PlayStation 5 and PC. Although Arkane is part of Microsoft-acquired Bethesda, the game was agreed to be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive for a year. On the very day the exclusive period ended, an ad appeared on the Xbox dashboard.

It therefore seems likely that the game will soon be released on Xbox Series X and S, although the advertisement does not link to a page where the game can be purchased at the time of writing. The official release may be announced soon.

Deathloop received an 8.5 on last year: “Deathloop is a bizarre fever dream that is actually too nice to wake up from. An absurd, retrofuturistic murder mystery in which you don’t solve the murders, but you have to commit it. You can handle it Leaving Arkane Studios to create such a crazy world credibly too.”

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