2022 NFL playoff photo: 49ers steal spot, Steelers likely in, Colts out after wild week 18


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The Jaguars have been out of the playoffs for nearly a month now, but they still managed to shake up the AFC playoff race on Sunday when they pulled off a shocking 26-11 upset against the Indianapolis Colts .

The Colts ‘loss combined with the Steelers’ overtime victory over the Ravens means Indianapolis is officially eliminated from the playoffs. By beating the Colts, the Jaguars have done the Steelers a huge favor, who will now make the playoffs until the Chargers-Raiders game ends in a tie.

Although the Colts are out, the AFC South will have a playoff team and it’s the No.1 seed. The Titans nabbed the seed with a 28-25 victory over the Texans.

In the NFC, the 49ers clinched a playoff berth after making a crazy comeback against the Rams. The Niners were trailing 17-0 at one point, but fought back to win the game 27-24 in overtime.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the current playoff standings ahead of Sunday night’s final between the Chargers and the Rams. We’ve also listed the playoff scenarios for each team that can still enter.

AFC qualifying ranking

Still alive and probably in

Steelers (9-7-1): Not only are the Steelers still alive, they’re almost certainly going to make the playoffs. Until the Chargers-Raiders game ends in a tie, the Steelers will win the AFC’s seventh seed, meaning they would travel to Kansas City in the wildcard round.

NFC qualifying ranking

Wildcard Round Matches (Based on Current Ranking)

AFC (the teams in bold have clinched their seed)

(7) Raiders at (2) Chefs
(6) Chargers at (3) Invoices
(5) Patriots to (4) Bengals

Goodbye: Titans

NFC (All seeds unhooked)

(7) Eagles to (2) Buccaneers
(6) 49ers to (3) Cowboys
(5) cardinals to (4) rams

Bye: Packers

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