Antonio Brown released: Buccaneers, Bruce Arians address former All-Pro WR injury allegations


Antonio Brown’s relationship with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is now officially over. Four days after the former All-Pro wide receiver left the field in a dramatic fashion against the New York Jets, and following a list of charges relating to an alleged ankle injury, Brown says he will now undergoing surgery to repair, the Buccaneers have terminated his contract – the team announced Thursday.

In an official statement, they also addressed the allegations that Brown has made against them.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have terminated Antonio Brown’s contract, effective immediately, “the team said, via Twitter. “Although Antonio received ankle treatment and was on the injury report the week before last Sunday’s game, he was cleared to play by our medical team before the start of the game and at no time during the game. We tried, on several occasions during this week, to schedule an evaluation by an external orthopedic specialist, but Antonio did not tell our medical staff. Not Compliant Maintaining the health and well-being of our players is of the utmost importance to our organization.

Head coach Bruce Arians, who was initially reluctant to reveal what happened on the Bucs sideline at MetLife Stadium, then climbed on the podium to detail the chronology of events.

“Obviously we let Antonio go today. Just to enlighten you on some of the things that happened. At no point during this game did he ever ask the coach or the doctor about his. ankle. He never went through – that’s normal protocol. You go through protocols during games. I was never informed of that. So it was the disturbing thing when we were going to pick him up to get him. comes back into the game. He was very upset at half-time as to who was targeted, but he calmed down – the players took care of that. It started again on the sidelines. We called the squad. staff that he had been playing for the entire game, but he refused to go. That’s when I looked back and basically saw him I went back and I approached to tell him what was going on. [He said], “I’m not playing.” [I said], “What is going on?” [He said], “I’m not getting the ball.” That’s when I said, “You’re done. Get the F out of here ”. It is the end. We’re working on Carolina and that’s the end of the story. Hopefully this ends today. “

It is highly unlikely that this will be the case, especially as new reports are surfacing that Brown and his agent have approached chief executive Jason Licht in the hopes of having the remaining $ 2 million in incentives guaranteed. , but Licht refused, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Combined with Arians’ statement that Brown was furious at the lack of goals – in a game where he had a chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in incentives – the not-so-veiled claim is that Brown’s displeasure has been fueled by a grievance and not some sort of physical illness.

For his part, Brown broke his silence in an Instagram post, detailing his grievances.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the Bucs, the fans and my teammates. The Bucs have helped me return to productive football after struggling that could have ended my career. We worked together to resolve these difficulties, and I will always appreciate it. Being part of a Super Bowl champion team and then being a contender is a dream come true.

I make mistakes. I work on myself and have positive influences around me. But one thing I don’t do is avoid playing hard on the pitch. No one can accuse me of not having given everything.

Due to my involvement in the game, I gave in to direct pressure from my coach to play injured. Despite the pain, I adjusted, the staff injected me with what I now know to be a strong and sometimes dangerous pain reliever that the NFLPA warned against using, and gave it their all for the team. I played until it was clear that I couldn’t use my ankle to safely take on my playing responsibilities. On top of that, the pain was extreme. I sat on the sidelines and my coach walked up to me, very upset, and shouted, “What’s wrong with you? What is wrong with you? I told him, “It’s my ankle.” But he knew it. It was well documented and we had discussed it. He then ordered me to enter the field. I said, “Coach, I can’t.” He didn’t ask for medical attention. Instead, he shouted at me, “YOU ARE DONE! As he ran his finger over her throat. The coach told me that if I didn’t play injured, then I was done with the Bucs.

I did not resign. I was cut off. I did not stray from my brothers. I was kicked out. Being sidelined with a painful injury was bad enough. Then came their “spin”. The coach denied on national television that he knew about my ankle. It is 100% incorrect. Not only did he know that I had missed several games with the injury, but he and I texted a few days before the game where he clearly admitted my injury. He obviously knew I was on the injured list. And the GM admitted after the game in text messages to my camp that I had told the coach about my ankle pain on Sunday.

I know we were losing to the Jets and it was frustrating for all of us. But I couldn’t play football with that ankle. yes I
left the field. But there is a major difference between throwing from the line and taking hits, compared to jogging off the court with a rush of emotion rushing through your mind. I thought about my reaction, but there was a trigger. The trigger was someone who told me that I was not allowed to feel pain. I recognize my past. But my past does not make me a second-class citizen. My past does not lose my right to be heard when I am in pain.

First, they cut me off. Now they put me in a cage. Instead of asking how I was feeling or getting to the bottom of it, the team texted my camp promoting a totally bogus story that I randomly played without any explanation. They even told us in writing “don’t turn this” any other way. I have stress, I have things that I have to work on. But worst of all have been the Bucs’ repeated efforts to describe it as a random blast. They tell people that first I left, then I got cut. No. No. No. I was cut first, then I went home. They threw me out like an animal and I refused to wear their mark on my body, so I took off my jersey.

As part of their ongoing cover-up, they act like I haven’t been cut and are now demanding that I see a doctor of their choice to examine my ankle. What they didn’t know until now is that on Monday morning I had an urgent MRI on my ankle. It shows broken bone fragments stuck in my ankle, ligament torn from the bone, and loss of cartilage, which are more than painful. You can see the bulging bone from the outside. But it must and can be fixed. The MRI was read by two of New York’s top orthopedic surgeons, including Dr. Martin O’Malley of the Hospital for Special Surgery. Not realizing that I had already scheduled surgery at HSS, the Bucs “ordered” me under penalty of discipline and with a few hours’ notice to present myself to a more junior doctor at HSS for another. opinion. What joke. They play like I’m not cut, giving me a surprise attack “order” to report to another doctor without reasonable notice, and setting it all up as a basis for cutting me because what they have. fact Sunday was not legitimate. Sorry, GM. I’ve already received a confirmation notice from the Top Doc at the hospital you “ordered” me to go to.

I love Bucs fans. I really do. I love my teammates and everyone who has shown me grace and believed in me. I gave the Bucs everything I had in the field. What the organization is doing now needs to be cleaned up. I don’t understand how people who publicly claim to be concerned about my sanity can do these things to me in private.

Once my surgery is complete I will be 100% back and look forward to next season. Business is going to be BOOMIN!

Brown continued to taunt the team as well as head coach Bruce Arians and famous Tom Brady coach Alex Guerrero while also shooting Brady in social media posts. The mercurial veteran wide receiver will be subject to waivers ahead of the playoffs, but if he’s truly ready for ankle surgery, he wouldn’t be available to play in the playoffs.

That said, it’s well within his power to step away from this decision and take the field for a new team, but if he does and plays for them, you can expect this already toxic divorce. becomes even more so – as the Buccaneers will likely point out. to his ability to play immediately after his release from Tampa Bay as proof that his ankle wasn’t a problem against the Jets.

In other words, for one or more reasons, this saga is far from over.

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