Dan Quinn’s Tracker of Interest: Bears join a mix of NFL teams seeking interview with popular Cowboys coordinator


Dan Quinn has quite started the 2022 calendar year, especially considering where he was exactly one year ago. The 51-year-old was a free agent after being sacked as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons in the 2020 season, forced to reassess the direction he wanted to take in his coaching career. His departure from North Georgia not only forced the Dallas Cowboys to make a decision they had to make anyway, namely the sacking of defensive coordinator Mike Nolan after just one abysmal season, but also to pivot on their roster. of potential replacements for Nolan and to run at full speed. to give Quinn a call.

The rest is history, with Quinn having accepted the role in North Texas. He not only improved on what was the franchise’s worst defense – in just a year – but he’s arguably made it the best defense in the league, the one that leads the NFL in takeout and used seasons of Breakthrough since the first round of Rookies Pick Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs to weather a storm of injuries en route to help a struggling attacker fight their way to the playoffs.

And as the team prepares to welcome the San Francisco 49ers at Super Wild Card Weekend with their eyes set on Super Bowl LVI, whoever has a slim chance of being at AT&T Stadium, Quinn finds himself as the one of the hottest products in the head coach job. news cycle just 12 months after being anything but. Several teams have already requested interviews with the scorching Cowboys coordinator, who notes he’s “having the best time of his life” with his guns in Dallas. It’ll make it hard to pull him away after only a year with them, but that won’t stop the teams from rightly pulling the crowbar out to try and separate him from them and Jerry Jones’ bottomless checkbook.

Here are the interested parties, with more chances to arrive in the coming days and weeks, according to multiple reports and as confirmed by sources at CBS Sports.

Status: Maintenance request

Following the lead of the Vikings, Dolphins, Jaguars and Broncos, the Bears parted ways with their head coach – Matt Nagy – to usher in a new era. This is a legacy franchise that, like the Cowboys, holds a lot of prestige for any head coach who takes the reigns. But unlike the Cowboys, he’s not already packed with talent and will require some corrections, especially on the offensive side of the ball (much like the Broncos). Additionally, the Bears, having also fired GM Ryan Pace, need to identify a new GM who must also approve / marry the incoming head coach. It’s a lot more emotional than what’s going on in Denver and Jacksonville, which gives Quinn more thought when considering taking a job for a franchise that doesn’t yet know who will run its NFL Draft and its agency. free in the future.

Status: Maintenance request

In the least attractive option on this list and in the league, a mile out of the country, the Jaguars requested permission to interview Quinn in the final two weeks of the regular season, but were greeted with coldness. Quinn made it clear that he declined due to his decision to focus instead on the task at hand, which was trying to carry the Cowboys to the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl victory. This still allows Quinn to interview Jacksonville after the season, but given that his next stint as head coach will have to be very appealing to take him away from the Legion of Boom 2.0 he is building in Dallas, with the direct deposits that come with it, there’s nothing about going from a struggling Falcons team to one of the league’s most toxic organizations (who are now looking for a third head coach in as many seasons) that will make Quinn take them seriously.

Status: Maintenance request

It’s a position that will be attractive to Quinn, especially given his relationship with Managing Director George Paton, a relationship that has lasted for years and is very, very strong. After quickly firing Vic Fangio after the end of the season, which adds to their growing list of NFL playoff absences, the Broncos are in desperate need of a proven footballing spirit who can make a difference in the game. Mile High City. Quinn is expected to at least do Paton the favor of discussing the position with him, but it is unclear whether the offer will be enough to get Quinn out of Dallas or, conversely, whether they simply choose to do so. ‘going in a different direction – given that they’ arguably need an attacking spirit more to fix that side of the ball and as such explains why they are also looking for an interview with Cowboys coordinator Kellen Moore Denver does a ton of due diligence, and Quinn is on the list for obvious and quantifiable reasons.

Status: Maintenance request

In an absolute stunner, the Dolphins divorced Brian Flores as head coach on Monday, after seeing him recover from a rocky start in 2021, including sweeping his former team the New England Patriots (a team in playoffs) while developing quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in the treat. But while Flores now anxiously awaits what will be a long list of suitors who rival what Quinn will be like, including a competing interest between the two of the Bears, South Florida shores would love to have a word with Quinn. While not nearly the equivalent of that situation, he wouldn’t be the first Cowboys coach to travel to Miami, and the Dolphins have plenty of draft capital to work with to help build the roster they want. He wishes. But first he would have to believe that Tagovailoa is a Super Bowl capable QB, and, well, that it makes sense to join an organization that just removed a guy after winning eight of their last nine games.

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