“Madden” Cover Athletes: Revisiting Who Graced The Cover Of The Famous Video Game After The Death Of John Madden At 85


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Legendary NFL coach and commentator John Madden died on Tuesday at the age of 85. The Professional Football Hall of Fame has affected the game in different ways. He was a successful leader of the Oakland Raiders, a color analyst who effectively explained the game in an entertaining way, and then, of course, he helped create the most successful soccer video game of all time.

Even the youngest fans who have never had the chance to watch Madden coach or call a game are very familiar with the name. EA Sports’ title “Madden NFL” is still a popular video game even after several decades, and it’s something both kids and adults can enjoy. It’s also the number of fans who have actually learned the ins and outs of football.

Another facet of the history of the video game “Madden” is the reveal of the cover. Every year an NFL player is voted a cover athlete, and that is considered a great honor (or a curse). Madden himself has graced the cover since the game’s inception in 1988, but was gone for good in 2000. Let’s take a look at every player who has had the chance to cover any of the video games. most influential sports in history:

While “Madden” typically features one athlete per year on the cover, there has been flexibility in the past. They went back in time and put Sanders on the cover of “Madden NFL 25”, which marked the 25th anniversary of the “Madden NFL” series. The game also featured two athletes at the same time, as with Fitzgerald and Polamalu in “Madden NFL 10”, and Mahomes and Brady in the last edition. Something the video game hasn’t done, however, is put Madden back on the cover.

Madden hasn’t appeared on the cover since “Madden NFL 2000”, but it looks like it’s something that should happen for “Madden NFL 23”. To once again honor a football legend on the video game that bears his name.

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