NFL Week 17 QB Power Rankings: Joe Burrow and Josh Allen climb into top 10 as Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield slide

1 He threw exactly one interception in the past two months. With another playoff run (and possibly a second straight MVP award) in play, the Packers are surely setting their offseason ground to keep A-Rod in town. 2 Antonio Brown’s comeback couldn’t have come at a better time. Brady is set to throw 40 touchdowns for the second straight year at 44, and absolutely no one is blinking. 3 He’s done a much better job distributing the ball and taking what’s been in front of him lately. When his supporting cast is at full strength, look for another deep run. 4 He confirmed that 2020 is no fluke. There are two games to go and he’s over 4,600 yards into the fray, with 38 TDs in total. These are MVP caliber numbers. (+1) 5 This season, while reiterating his elite talent, has been a constant battle between Herbert and the Chargers to see who can top the other with a premature error. (-1) 6 Joe Cool makes big games seem effortless when his attack is in sync. He completes nearly 70 percent of his passes, with 30 touchdowns to his name, and that’s with a few clunkers this year. The advantage of the MVP is there. (+3) seven He did his best to give his former rivals the Vikings an important game in Week 16. But once he settled in and Sean McVay trusted his support, Stafford did. his job in difficult times. (-1) 8 So the MVP level Dak is still here! It helps to play an oppressed Washington defense, but he needed a boost of confidence. If he can continue to be a top playmaker, Dallas will make some noise. (+3) 9 His ankle had to really hurt so he could sit for two weeks in a row. The Ravens need him in good health more than ever. Who knows if it will bring peak electricity when it returns, but if it is, Baltimore is back in business. (-1) ten It’s been a rapid and constant collapse in Arizona, and Murray regressed in the process. Losing DeAndre Hopkins hurts, but he also has to make better decisions. This marks another year where his theatrical creation did not last. (-3) 11 He could probably bear to drop lower, considering how ugly his stroke has been since returning from finger surgery. But under better circumstances, most would still trust his composure. (-1) 12 Once again, he will inevitably end the year with a team like him: not bad, but not good enough to have a real run. Kirk still doesn’t get enough credit for his efficiency and important strikes, but you wonder if a change of scenery might be coming. 13 As long as he’s asymptomatic from COVID, he’ll likely stay in the lineup against the Raiders. That’s a good thing for Indy, not only because they have very little self-assurance, but because he’s been an underrated, low-volume captain. 14 It’s only fitting that he’s near Kirk Cousins ​​on the list. Carr, on his own, is a quality starter. But do you trust it – in its current configuration, at least – to take the plunge? He is a wild card in the QB 2022 market. 15 At the end of the season, the numbers will not be pretty. But he held on, even in the midst of his own mistakes. If / when Derrick Henry returns, he can breathe a sigh of relief. (+3) 16 Too high for a rookie who hasn’t yet proven he can throw the ball with consistent precision? Maybe, but he was also a constant threat on the pitch during his abbreviated debut. He could energize the 49ers’ offense in time for the playoffs. 17 He’s had a solid rookie season overall, but now we see that the Pats have relied on him too much. He’s now had three straight starts with minimal or negative impact, and New England aren’t built to survive big mistakes. (-2) 18 The Dolphins win ugly against a bunch of ugly teams, but with the exception of an occasional deep ball misfire, he did exactly what Miami needed of him as a short playmaker. Jaylen Waddle should remain his best friend. (+1) 19 One of the toughest to classify this year, just like his squad, Hurts has been such a mercurial passer, and yet we take his legs and courage for granted – essential ingredients for a club destined to have an unlikely run in the playoffs. playoffs. (+3) 20 At this point, it would be professional misconduct if the Browns didn’t seek out QB’s help in 2022. Mayfield is generally fine when all is well around him, and he doesn’t take his leadership role lightly, but it does. describes most of the QBs on the road. (-3) 21 Looks like he’s been hidden from the national discourse for most of the year. The Falcons were also flat. Prepare for all kinds of move speculation. 22 If only the Steelers had planned things better this year, whether it was with another QB or another O-line or another system. Ben has given his all, but he’s neither physically ready for – nor well suited – in this offense. (+1) 23 It’s the state of QB play in the COVID-ravaged and injury-ravaged NFL, where Foles can comfortably fit in as a top-20 option. To be fair, he deserves better than the Bears, who should have replaced him with Andy Dalton before. 24 Dan Campbell, who asked if Goff could return as a 2022 Lions starter, said: “I don’t see why.” Talk about a ringing endorsement! (+1) 25 It’s actually pretty impressive what he does considering the condition of the Texans. He both looks confident and has produced well in competitive matches. Watch out for him next summer. (+4) 26 It was a trick to be sure, and Heinicke gave it his all in more ways than one. But his penchant for heroism just doesn’t match a battered team designed to control the ball physically. (-2) 27 What a truly horrible first year. It is very possible that he is in fact in a worse situation now than he was when he entered the NFL. And it’s really not encouraging that Trent Baalke is returning as GM to build his support team and cast. (-1) 28 After a serving of Ian Book (albeit in his first start against a tough defense from the Dolphins), the Saints are likely dying to bring Hill back, even if he doesn’t add much to the table. a passing point of view. (-1) 29 Maybe Sam Darnold will start now. Or PJ Walker. Or a combination of all three. Does it matter? Matt Rhule inherited a QB spot in transition in 2020 and has only muddled it further with mediocrity since then. (-1) 30 Imagine if he played against the Jaguars every week. In truth, his legs were real weapons in week 16. (+1) 31 Teddy Bridgewater is still in concussion protocol so he will likely have another chance to do so. Best wishes, Denver. (-1) 32 Whether it’s him or Jake Fromm, the Giants are done. And they must continue to compete for Daniel Jones in 2022 as well.
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