NFL Week 18 QB Power Rankings: Hot red Joe Burrow enters top five; Aaron Rodgers remains No.1

1 Rodgers over the past two years, at 37 and 38: 26-5, with 83 touchdowns and nine picks. Crown it. 2 Fortunately, Tampa Bay has the ageless wonder below the center, otherwise the losses would be enormous. 3 Even with a long tough time this year, his numbers are pretty. At full speed, his attack remains a powerhouse. 4 He’s had a few days off in the air, but his legs almost always keep the Bills in it anyway. It remains Mahomes-esque. 5 Joey Cool. Joe Chuck-It. Chief Conqueror. Call it what you want, but few have trusted the big game more this season. (+1) 6 Four or five years ago, he would become the buzz MVP. Now let’s see if he can deliver with the season in play. (-1) seven Aside from their recent rout in Washington, he and the Cowboys’ offense have been too slow. But the talent is there. (+1) 8 My God, he’s been hiding some bad decisions in some key wins lately. Sean McVay can’t put everything on his plate. (-1) 9 How convenient to turn it on at the end of the season and Seattle is potentially gearing up to deal with it. (+2) ten Murray, when he’s on point, is one of the best pointers in the game. Arizona desperately needs this version of him in the playoffs. 11 We are counting on his return from a persistent ankle problem. And, of course, his athleticism remaining intact. (-2) 12 Sean Mannion’s emergency start was a reminder that Cousins ​​is actually good. But who knows if his Viking days are over? 13 It’s do or die time for Carr in Week 18. Go to the playoffs, and maybe he’ll keep his job amid the inevitable Vegas rebuilding. (+1) 14 It’s been a tough year, aesthetically and statistically, but it has remained calm during their run to the playoffs. (+1) 15 He always makes (or is bailed out) too many unnecessary games. If it settles down, they can still make noise. (-2) 16 He has shown real growth as a passer in key locations, with some nuances from a young Donovan McNabb in Week 17. (+3) 17 The Jaguars arrived just when he needed a boost of confidence. It will be well established for years to come here. 18 Forget week 18; the real question here is what kind of staff he will work as a second year rookie. 19 Jimmy Garoppolo might be more reliable in the system (in full health), but Lance just has the “it” factor. (-3) 20 All the goodwill of the winning streak? Mostly gone, thanks to the Titans. It is efficient. But is he the guy? We will see. (-2) 21 Perhaps the most exciting moment of his 2021 season was when he was flagged for taunt after scoring in Buffalo. 22 He just can’t push the ball consistently anymore, but give him credit for giving his all and winning lousy on the exit. 23 Kevin Stefanski and the O line didn’t help, but he was part of the problem. Cleveland should shop it. (-3) 24 Ron Rivera is long overdue for a real investment at QB here. Heinicke has the courage to remain the No. 2 in the foreground. (+2) 25 He’s done more than enough to justify at least a few QB1 reps this summer, with the exception of one large-scale acquisition. 26 The Saints have a set cap with him under center, but if he can control the ball they could still surprise. (+2) 27 Are we betting on whether he will join Jags fans in disguising himself as a clown in week 18 to demand a change of GM? 28 Recall: the Panthers traded three draft picks for him. They would probably take anything to dump him after this year. 29 It started off strong in a nearly upset from the Buccaneers, but since it’s course in New York, it all fell apart. (+1) 30 He’s auditioning for anyone who wants to get him out of the Broncos’ hands. Unfortunately, this is how Vic Fangio died. (+1) 31 He has actually shown signs of improvement since replacing Jared Goff, but the bar was already low. 32 Do not worry. Joe Judge is absolutely certain that NFL veterans are dying to come and play for this team.
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