Ranking possible clashes for Super Bowl 2022: Chiefs vs. Packers, Buccaneers vs. Patriots among the 13 best scenarios


With 14 teams in the playoff race entering Super Wild Card Weekend, there are technically 49 different game possibilities for Super Bowl LVI at the end of the 2021 NFL season. And if the NFL has proven anything over the years, it’s that anything can happen in January. But what are the juiciest and spiciest scenarios for Super Bowl Sunday?

We’re glad you asked. Here are 13 of the best possible matches for the big game on February 13:

Nationally, the hype would surely be quite tame, with Philly relying primarily on the race to beat modest teams and Pittsburgh coming in without even a semblance of colorful offense. But there are real storylines: The Pennsylvania Bowl, Ben Roethlisberger trying to get out with another totally unlikely ring, Jalen Hurts erasing memories of the National Championship to help Nick Sirianni win it all in their first year together.

Dallas is a big draw, if you can’t tell. And no, this showdown might not sound crazy on paper, but it’s the same formula as the Patriots and Titans showdown, to an exaggerated degree. The Raiders play lousy and win lousy. But wouldn’t that make for a tantalizing Super Bowl game, with Derek carr and Rich bisaccia to propel Las Vegas to a potential upheaval for the American team?

11. Cowboys vs. Titans

It has the same kind of appeal as Cowboys vs. Patriots, with a big mark and a blazing offense coming up against a tougher contender in Tennessee. The Titans might not always be pretty to watch, but Derrick Henry would make one hell of a potential Super Bowl MVP, making his way to hopeful glory against the Dallas “D”.


Can you imagine if Jimmy Garoppolo brings San Francisco back to the Super Bowl, for a chance to avenge his previous loss to Patrick Mahomes? Kyle Shanahan’s running game and defense obviously fuel the 49ers just as much, but the drama surrounding their future at QB would be rampant.

9. The chiefs against the rams

Matthew Stafford struggled in some key spots, but if he actually ends up in the Super Bowl in his first year after Detroit, the pressure will be through the roof to do what Jared Goff couldn’t and take the trophy home. Plus, LA would be playing in its own brand new stadium against a similar offensive juggernaut.

8. Cowboys vs. Chiefs

If you’re looking for a high-profile showdown, this offers just as many benefits. Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, CeeDee Lamb and Co. are a machine when they’re on the beat, and Dan Quinn has his defense buzzing too. The America’s Team brand is obviously also appealing, with Dallas looking to win its first championship since 1995.

Old Legend vs. New Superstar, with Aaron Rodgers and Joe Burrow on the stage. The Bengals might not have the allure of contenders for the bigger markets, but Joey Cool and Ja’Marr Chase and their young group of gunslingers would have the media that would flatter them before seeing them as underdogs. A really underrated game.

6. Invoices against Cowboys

Josh Allen against Prescott, with two teams desperate for a title. Need we say more?

5. Cowboys vs. Patriots


They may represent two of the most despised franchises in the NFL, but they also represent two of the most watchable franchises in the NFL. Marketing is written: Jerry Jones and America’s Team seek to rekindle the glory of the 90s against Bill Belichick and the league’s most recent dynasty. It also pits the shine of the big game against a more robust, old-school approach.

Without originality? Maybe, as these two just met in the last Super Bowl, with Brady and the Bucs routing Mahomes and the Chiefs 31-9. But that would make a rematch all the more enticing. Would TB12 break his all-time Super Bowl winning record with a eighth ring, or would Mahomes avenge their last meeting to restore the prospects of a dynasty of chieftains?

3. Invoices against packers

He has the same kind of appeal as the Chiefs-Packers, except with Allen and Stefon Diggs instead of Mahomes and Tyreek Hill. There’s also the drama of Buffalo chasing their very first Super Bowl win.

2. Buccaneers vs. Patriots

Sure. Aesthetically, this game could actually be pretty ugly, as it was when the two teams faced off in the regular season. Belichick would surely try to put pressure on his rookie QB Mac Jones if he came to that. But the human element here is unmatched: Brady, fresh out of a title without his former team, has a great chance to prove he is the man, not the Pats.

1. Chiefs vs. Packers

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Rodgers vs. Mahomes. Two explosive offenses. Two muscular defenses. A revenge for Super Bowl I. The potential for fireworks is through the roof. Plus, you’ve got A-Rod looking to get over the bump after two straight losses in the NFC title game, not to mention winning his first Lombardi Trophy in over 10 years; and Mahomes is looking to bounce back from last year’s big Super Bowl loss.

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