The Steelers may still somehow qualify for the playoffs, and Caleb Williams is a historically excellent transfer rookie


Good Tuesday morning, folks. Week 17 is in the books. Let’s get right to all the news.

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Hello everyone but especially to …


One down, one (potentially) to go.

the Pittsburgh Steelers kept their slight playoff hopes once again with a 26-14 win over the Browns, sense Ben roethlisberger will play at least one other meaningful game.

Like most of the Steelers’ wins this season, it wasn’t a particularly pretty football mark:

With the victory, Mike tomlin set an NFL record with 15 consecutive non-losing seasons to start his coaching career. NFL reporter Bryan DeArdo was on hand to testify which was probably Roethlisberger’s last game at Heinz Field. Here is his big takeaway:

  • DeArdo: “Defense, defense, defense. Roethlisberger may have been the man in the spotlight on Monday, playing what he even considered his last game at Heinz Field, but this one belonged to Steel City ‘D.’ With four sacks on a night of Pittsburgh totaled nine, TJ Watt… confirmed himself as Defensive Player of the Year and made Mayfield never feel comfortable in his pocket. “

Here’s what the Steelers must see happen in Week 18 for make the playoffs:

While it’s unlikely, the fact that this Steelers team even has a shot at making the playoffs is amazing and impressive. they are 8-7-1 although outclassed by 58 points this season globally. Last night was their first double-digit win of the season. But none of that matters now: They gave each other a chance in Week 18, and we’ve seen time and time again this season that anything can happen on any given Sunday.

Honorable mentions:

And not so good morning for …


One of the best transfers never entered the portal: old Oklahoma strategist Caleb Williams.

Williams, who succeeded Spencer rattler as a starter with the Sooners last year, threw 21 touchdowns and four interceptions like a real freshman and also ran over 400 meters.

It’s safe to say there will be no shortage of suitors, writes our college football expert Shehan Jeyarajah:

  • Jeyarajah: “247Sports transfer portal evaluators have already named Williams just the second perfect 1,000 transfer recruit in the country… also the top 10 teams that might be looking for options. Really, any school in the country that doesn’t start with Bryce Young or CJ Stroud should at least consider their options if Williams is on the table. He can swing a conference, even a race for the national title. “

I agree 100 percent with this assessment. Williams has a one-armed gun and is a great double threat. If you need proof, look at him get out of the bench and led Oklahoma to a huge comeback victory over Texas.

On the other side is an earlier program which is now lost his head coach and his upcoming superstar quarterback in just over a month. New coach Brent Venables and the Sooners were able to return the former caller from the UCF signal Dillon gabriel from UCLA to Oklahoma on Monday evenings, and while I really like Gabriel as a player, there are few, if any, players who can match Williams’ immense skill and advantage. Williams has said he would consider returning to Oklahoma, but considering Gabriel’s addition, it doesn’t seem to go that way.

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for where Williams is going – and, in turn, who will almost certainly receive a really big “Hello” in this newsletter.

Not so honorable mention:

  • Mike zimmer maybe about to go out like Vikings head coach, and he certainly doesn’t mince words. With Minnesota knocked out of playoff race, could Zimmer want to see which QB rookie Kellen Mond has to offer Sunday? “Not particularly,” Zimmer said. “I see him every day.”
  • Jimmy butler suffered an ankle injury and had to be taken out of court last night in the Heat’s game against the Warriors. the Heat have faced a ton of injuries and issues from COVID-19, and that would be a big blow to an already absent team Bam Adebayo, among many others.

Latest twist in Antonio Brown’s shocking mid-game exit saga 🏈

In case you missed it on Sunday, Antonio brown took off his jersey and ran off the field in the third quarter, effectively abandoning his team in a way we’ve never seen before (and probably never will see again).

Now we have new information – or at least maybe a new background story – regarding this bizarre episode.

  • Brown felt his injured ankle was too injured for him to play and twice refused to enter the match after the head coach Bruce ariens asked him to do so. The Arians then told Brown to “get out”, and that was it.
  • Arians strongly contested this version of events, claiming that the ankle played no role in Brown’s sudden departure. Brown himself did not address the start.
  • Immediately after the match, Arians said Brown was no longer with the team, although he has not yet been officially released.

Something tells me we haven’t heard the end of this story, and maybe not for a while.

What You Need To Know With The Looming MLB Negotiations

Getty Images

The MLB lockout has officially entered its second month and — wait … is that a light at the end of the tunnel?

Well, not quite yet. While negotiations are expected to resume this month, there is a LOT to go, writes MLB expert Dayn Perry. Including:

  • Compensation structure, especially for young players
  • Reservoir
  • The luxury tax

While owners prefer the status quo, the longer this lockout lasts, the more power players have, Perry writes:

  • Pear: “If we go into the second week of February or thereabouts without a deal, then the possibility of compromised spring training becomes a concern. This again plays into the leverage that players can have at the moment. Spring practice games at venues in Arizona and Florida have become a center of profit for the teams, and they don’t want to lose those games. The players, on the other hand, do not start receiving checks until the start of the regular season. So the prospect of shortened spring training should increase the pressure on the league to secure a deal. “

Bracketology’s first update of 2022 has arrived just in time for a major upheaval 🏀


As the calendar opens to a new year, varsity basketball action heats up with conference action, and that means it’s Bracketology time. Our bracket expert Jerry Palm has eight Big 12 teams – including two # 1 seeds – in its latest version.

But it’s a Big Ten that hit the headlines last night: # 23 Wisconsin went to Mackey Arena and beat No. 3 Purdue, 74-69. If you don’t know the name Johnny davis now you have to get to know each other. The sophomore star scored a career-high 37 points, including 27 in the second half.

The Big Ten seem like a close race, and wins like these are really, really impressive.

What we watch on Tuesday

Oklahoma at No. 1 Baylor, 7 p.m. on ESPN2
🏀 N ° 16 LSU to N ° 21 Kentucky
, 7 p.m. on ESPN
Kings to the Lakers
, 10:30 p.m. on NBA TV

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