Amy Hennig and Skydance Marvel Game Revealed

The Marvel game from Amy Hennig and studio Skydance New Media was unveiled last night.

That happened during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase. As previous rumors have revealed, the game, which does not yet have an official title, revolves around Captain America and Black Panther. The game takes place in a World War II setting.

Below is the first teaser for the game. According to Skydance, players control Steve Rogers (Captain America), Azzuri (the grandfather of T’Challa and the Black Panther during World War II), Gabriel Jones (an American soldier who is a member of the Howling Commandos), and Nanali (the leader of the Wakanda spy network).

Many more details about the game – including the release date and the systems it will appear on – are not yet available. Skydance claims players can expect “intuitive controls and exciting gameplay that convey the action and excitement of Marvel.”

Hennig was formerly with Naughty Dog and directed the original Uncharted games. It was already known that she was working on a Marvel game with Skydance. She is also making a Star Wars game with the studio, although even less is known about it.

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