Apex Legends breaks player records again

The battle royale game Apex Legends has once again broken some player records.

This is evident from figures from SteamDB, a website that keeps numbers from the backend of Steam. In July, Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game hit a minimum of 311,275 concurrent players. In August, that number grew to 329,041 players on the PC version.

The average daily peak has also grown from 339,363 in May to 414,130 since the release of the fourteenth season. Last month, the game set a new record of 510,286 concurrent players. All these figures exclude player numbers on Xbox, PlayStation, Origin and Nintendo Switch.

The fourteenth season of Apex Legends is called Hunter and will be available on August 9. The new season brought back King’s Canyon, raised the level cap and introduced the new character Vantage. In addition, some balance sheet updates were implemented.

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