Apple increases the prices of apps in the App Store

Apple is increasing the prices of apps in the App Store in various regions, including almost all countries where the euro is the currency.

The company has announced that. For example, the cheapest apps – which currently cost 0.99 euros – will soon cost 1.19 euros. Prices in the App Store often go up, but those of the cheapest apps have remained the same for a long time.

The new prices will take effect from October 5 this year. Current subscriptions do not change in price. Developers must adhere to these prices. Below is a chart showing the new prices.

Apple has not disclosed a reason for the price hikes. In addition to countries where the euro is used as a currency, the countries of Egypt, Japan, Chile, Vietnam, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden and Malaysia are also among the areas where the price increases will take effect.

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