$ 5,000 per game, the price for Kyrie Irving to play for the Brooklyn Nets


The Brooklyn Nets are aware that to aspire to be NBA champions they must be even stronger. The duo formed by Kevin Durant Y James Harden It is fearsome, but with the shallow depth that the New Yorkers have, Kyrie Irving’s presence seems non-negotiable on big dates. That is why the Nets are looking for any formula for their point guard to be present for all games.

New York law does not allow unvaccinated people to access large events indoors. Irving is known for his anti-vaccine ideas and you are not willing to change your mind. A priori, there would be no other option for Kyrie, however the Nets could do a sacrifice in the form of a fine so that its star can play the games at the Barclays Center.

The sanctions imposed in case of not complying with the regulations are very light for an entity like the Brooklyn Nets, since With the money saved from Irving’s salary ($ 400,000), he could easily finance the fines. As ESPN has learned, would go from a simple warning to $ 5,000 for every game Irving participated in.

In case the Nets decide to start bypassing the rules starting with their next game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the total penalties would be about $ 100,000 in total, a figure that in addition to being already financed with the salary that Irving has lost, it’s not effortless for one of the NBA’s most valuable franchises.

The other side of the coin would be in the public image offered by the Brooklyn Nets, Well, skipping the coronavirus legislation in this way could not sit well with a very important part of the NBA fans who has already singled out New Yorkers as the league’s new villains.

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