76ers to deal with Ben Simmons ahead of trade deadline


76ers president Daryl Morey has said the standoff with Ben Simmons could last four years.

But Morey’s posture didn’t convince everyone.

John Hollinger from The Athletic:

Despite the Sixers’ boast to the contrary, the consensus opinion around the league remains that Philadelphia is more likely to act on the trade deadline than to continue this until next summer, in order to avoid to miss a year of Joel Embiid. first.

Keep in mind that rival leaders were waiting until August for Philadelphia to trade Simmons. The saga has dragged on for months.

Maybe that will change now that December 15th has passed. Most of the players signed in the last offseason are now eligible to trade. Simmons’ trade talks reportedly intensified earlier this month.

But Morey would wait until he could get a star in return. The daily drama around Simmons has subsided. While wasting an Embiid premium season is less than ideal, the 76ers have been mediocre so far. Even with a moderate increase in the roster, it might not be their year, anyway. Perhaps it will be better to maximize future seasons with a Simmons trade.

At least that’s the message Morey tried to get across.

Right or wrong, a lot of people in the league apparently don’t buy it.

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