76ers vet Danny Green takes pop quiz about his career, talks about Shaq’s hazing


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Definitively. There are plenty of stories I have about each of them. Shaq, I came near the end of his career. So Shaq and Bron at the same time. Bron was a kid, he’s still a kid, but he’s older now, but great fun to play for. Shaq, I was a rookie. It was hard being Shaq’s recruit.

What did Shaq do to you as a recruit?

I pretty much had to commit. I don’t know if you know it, but it is part of a brotherhood. Part of the hazing I had to do was function as if we were in a fellowship. So I had to greet them in a certain way. So yes, it was interesting, yes, as a rookie, an experience.

There are more stories than Green has, but we’ll save them for Part 2.

Danny, I like you, man

Sure. Good questions, bro.

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