“After the injury, my regret lasted a day”


Ricky Rubio has already begun the long recovery path that awaits him after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, which forced him to undergo surgery in New York, an intervention that was a complete success.

Now he only thinks about getting back on his feet as soon as possible – he is expected to be out for between 10 and 12 months – and continue to look to the future with optimism. “My regret lasted a day”, explained the Cavaliers point guard, in an interview with ‘La Vanguardia’. “I have been injured, what is he going to do? We have to put things in perspective, let’s remember that we are suffering from a pandemic & rdquor ;, he said.

After this second serious injury to his knee, he just wants to look forward and happy to see how everyone has supported them in this difficult time. “I feel very loved and want to return the messages by making people enjoy what I do. I consider myself a lucky person & rdquor ;.

A future without pressure

In full sporting and personal maturity, Ricky is no longer so affected by the future that lies ahead of him, and hUntil he has taken with a certain grace the fact that he is already exposed to the rumor mill about a possible transfer. Ricky is a free agent at the end of the season.

“It is part of the business & rdquor ;, he explained. “In his day I took it worse, but I’ve gotten used to it, when February approaches, rumors of the transfer of Ricky Rubio & rdquor ;, he said, taking iron away from a rumor mill that will last a few more weeks.

Ricky already takes the rumors of a new transfer as a joke


Now, his intention is to make a complete recovery in Barcelona, ​​and on the horizon, he is clear that his life is going to go back home. “When my son starts school there will be no NBA worth, I will have to go back & rdquor ;, he confessed.

Decided on his return in the future

“I don’t want to be dizzying him from here to there when he’s six years old, at the age to start making friends. It has already been discussed with my wife and we have it very clear. There will come a time when basketball will no longer be a priority.”

For now, the goal is a complete recovery, and he says goodbye to playing with the National Team next summer in the Eurobasket, but it is not erased for the future. “This summer I will not be there and I will get involved in another way, but I will return in the future, for sure & rdquor ;, he concluded.

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