Ben Simmons saga could pass deadline, Sixers unhappy with options


The Philadelphia 76ers are at the forefront of many NBA trade rumors as the February 10 trade deadline approaches. They’ll be the subject of many different reports over the next two weeks leading up to the deadline, all centered around a certain All-Star.

Ben Simmons is still the subject of plenty of rumors as rumors circulate left and right that there will be a line of teams looking to acquire the 25-year-old three-time Philadelphia All-Star.

However, the Sixers maintained that they wanted a Top 25 player in exchange for Simmons. They won’t settle for anything less and it looks like they will maintain that position as they advance through their season.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on “NBA Today”, it could go as far as the NBA Draft:

There is no movement, and listen, we can be in this situation until the draft. Right now you’re looking at Philadelphia and the type of players available in a Ben Simmons trade, a Harrison Barnes in Sacramento, Domantas Sabonis, Indiana, and listen, John Collins in Atlanta, that’s not going to move the needle at this. stadium for Ben Simmons and look, they’d be particularly positional with these players forward for Philly, that just doesn’t make sense. Hypothetically, if they got one of these guys on a big deal, and they still have Tobias Harris on your roster in the same position, making almost $ 40 million a year over the next two seasons and so on. Unless they can expand a chord, expand it.

From Woj’s perspective, the Sixers are potentially looking to move Tobias Harris in any deal with Simmons as well, but that doesn’t change the fact that moving both players will be a huge challenge for President Daryl Morey. The Atlanta Hawks aren’t going to take over Harris’ contract given the money they’ve invested in players like Trae Young and Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Woj added on the Philadelphia situation:

Look, Atlanta isn’t getting Tobias Harris back in a deal with Ben Simmons. Could they send Tobias Harris somewhere else? Look, that’s a lot of money on his contract. Right now Philadelphia continues to just wait and their philosophy from the start is that if we get a commercial package it doesn’t make us a championship contender, doesn’t bring us back to where we thought. to be. with Ben Simmons, we don’t. I think even with a month before the deadline, there’s a real chance it will extend past the deadline.

Looks like Morey and the Sixers are more than happy to wait and see what Philadelphia can get for Simmons as the season progresses. Sure, the positions could change over the days and weeks, but for now it looks like they will let this season pass and wait for the offseason.

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