Celtics reportedly give up Jabari Parker, creating roster spot


The bottom line is this: The Celtics and team president Brad Stevens appreciate the flexibility ahead of the trade deadline and save a bit of cash compared to Jabari Parker.

The Celtics will give up Parker before midnight Monday, a story broken by Shams Charania of The Athletic.

This should come as no surprise to anyone. Parker played a very limited role for Boston, appearing in 12 games and averaging 4.4 points per game. This despite changes to the list due to COVID. That makes Parker a free agent.

The move saves the Celtics just over a million dollars at the moment, although that could change depending on what they do with the open place.

The struggling Celtics need to make changes. Sources around the league tell NBC Sports the Celtics are not looking to trade Jaylen Brown; instead, they want to build around him and Jayson Tatum. What that might mean at the trade deadline is impossible to predict, but Stevens now has a bit more flexibility to work.

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