Devin Booker moved the Raptor mascot so he could shoot free throws with peace of mind


The Raptor was doing its job – and the work of 20,000 others.

By order of the Canadian regional government, there are currently no fans in the Scotiabank arena for Raptors games. Go back to a Raptors home game and it’s a little shocking to see all the seats empty.

But the Raptor – Toronto’s mascot – is there. As Devin Booker headed to the line for two critical free throws in the fourth quarter, the Raptor was jumping all over the place, trying to make noise and be a distraction. As would the 19,800 fans who would normally have attended the game. After hitting the first free throw, Booker asked the umpire to tell the mascot to move, and the umpire obliged.

Remember, fans, Booker would love this golf putt to be quiet when he takes his free throws, if you don’t mind.

It’s not like he’s been playing full arenas all season. Or played his varsity ball in Kentucky in packed halls. He needs her calm.

Booker was asked about it after the game.

Free throws were important and the Suns took the victory 99-95.

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