Draymond Green blasts NBA after Warriors-Nuggets game canceled


Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green’s Golden State Warriors were scheduled to face the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night until the game was called off on short notice due to the Nuggets failing to meet the eight-player minimum requirement. With many of their players absent due to being on the league’s COVID reserve roster, the league decided to postpone the game instead of playing. Again, this is because they are unable to meet minimum player requirements.

Still, Draymond Green is quite upset about the game being called off, considering the Warriors just played the Nuggets two days ago when they weren’t at full strength. The Warriors have had to recruit players using the 10-day hardship exemption, instead of their usual starting five this season. He argues this gives the Nuggets a competitive edge by allowing them to play the game at a later date when they will likely be at full strength again.

Now, with some free time today, the former Defensive Player of the Year didn’t hesitate to voice his opinion for all to see.

Here are Draymond’s specific points, and they’re hard to dispute.

In other words, he’s calling on the NBA to cancel games despite having rules in place specifically to prevent such a situation from happening.

The Draymond Green Warriors are not alone. Every other team in the league has faced the same quirks this season. Many losses have occurred with a team not playing the desired rotation. It’s simply an unfortunate footnote from a strange year of basketball.

Either they cancel the matches or they continue with replacement players from the G-League. There is no way for everyone to be happy. In this case, Green isn’t the only one unhappy with some NBA decisions, he’s just the last to voice his opinion. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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