ESPN insider thinks Celtics should call 76ers over Ben Simmons deal


The Philadelphia 76ers are now 38 games into the season and Ben Simmons is still in the roster. The Sixers were looking to find a solution to this saga that has continued since he officially requested a trade in late August and has been a roller coaster ever since.

Simmons has made his return to the squad, but he also hasn’t played a game for the franchise as he prepares to replay. He cited mental issues and said he needs to mentally prepare to replay after a tough playoff run and a tumultuous summer.

The Sixers have maintained that they want him to come back and play for the franchise and only trade him for one of the top 25 players. The best player they acquire would team up with Joel Embiid to fight for a title.

One team that has had its ups and downs have been the Boston Celtics, but they don’t want to give up Jaylen Brown for him. ESPN insider Tim Bontemps hopped on The Celtics Lab podcast on Celtics Wire and said Boston should be on the phone with Philadelphia every day about a deal with Simmons to help them.

Bontemps said:

If I was running the Celtics what I would try to do is call Daryl Morey every day and tell him I’m not trading Jaylen Brown, I’m not trading Jayson Tatum, is there it a combination of all that I have that could have me Ben Simmons?

The logic is perfect. The Celtics could use a guy like Simmons who can be a distributor for the two finishers of Tatum and Brown. They would benefit greatly from playing alongside Simmons and the Celtics could get started with that group a bit.

Here’s the problem with the whole “we won’t give up on Brown or Tatum” with a possible deal with Simmons. The Sixers have been consistent on their asking price for Simmons and they won’t back down. If the Sixers and Celtics come to an agreement, a third team may need to get involved and give Philadelphia whatever talent they want for Simmons.

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