Gabriel Deck’s trip to failure to the NBA


The accelerated journey that Grabriel Deck began to the NBA, leaving Madrid stranded in the final stretch of last season, has been a complete sporting failure. He came to Oklahoma City with a guaranteed contract last year, but the current one was partially guaranteed and they have decided to break it.

And the Thunder, as pointed out by the prestigious ESPN journalist, Adrian WojnarowskiThey are going to cut him before the next day 10 to avoid the part of his contract for the current campaign.

And is that being one of the best forwards in Europe with the white jersey, Deck preferred to make the leap to the NBA against all odds, and his participation in the team has been almost testimonial. This season he has only played in seven games, with just eight minutes of play, and averages of 2.6 points, 0.9 rebounds and 0.7 assists.

He has only participated in 17 games

Since he came to the NBA, he has only played 17 games for a total of 268 minutes.. An almost laughable participation, which does not even reach seven full games. Although his departure, yes, will be very well paid. A lesser evil.

The 26-year-old 1.98-tall player a total of 5.5 million dollars will have been put in his pocket, 3.8 corresponding to the previous season and 1.7 of this, in which the Thunder have decided not to pay him more and cut him.

Once Deck is free, Any NBA team can claim their services, and especially in a time of need due to covid19 casualties. Surely 10-day contracts have them insured. But is what his departure from Madrid envisioned as bad? Clearly not.

Madrid closes the doors

The other option is to return to Europe, and it does not seem that the white team is for the work after his ‘spantá’ last year when he was an important player in Pablo Laso’s schemes. It was also rumored that Barça was interested, although perhaps now the opportunity to dress as a Blaugrana has passed.

We will see what path it ends up taking, although what is more than clear is that the Argentine, in his eagerness to go to the NBA, rushed. Of course, if he returns, he will do so with his pockets full,Although sportingly, without a doubt, it has been a full-blown failure.

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