Hornets coach James Borrego praises 76ers star Joel Embiid


Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid has had a truly impressive stretch. Despite losing to the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, he finished with 31 points and six rebounds. It’s the eighth game in a row he’s finished with over 30 points as he puts the team on their backs.

Embiid has been very effective over the past few weeks as he took smart shots, he was impressive against doubles teams and he was aggressive when the weather called for it.

He played two huge games against the Hornets on the road in early December and, really, throughout his career against Charlotte. He caught the attention of Hornets coach James Borrego every time they faced each other.

“It’s the skill and the power, and quite simply, he knows how to play the game,” Borrego said. “The way he can impose his size and power on the game while using his skills and finesse at the same time. “

In both games at Charlotte, Embiid scored 43 points in the first game and 32 in the second. He put in an impressive offensive performance and even through a flurry of defenders on Wednesday he still had 31 points.

“He has beaten us a couple of times over the past two years doing jump shots to win games,” Borrego added. “I can think of a 3 point shot, he just backed off and made a 3 to beat us here a couple of years ago. In the last game against us he kicks back at the elbow and then he can use his size all around the rim and put pressure on you and the officials to make calls for such an impressive player.

This is the awesome part of Embiid. The fact that he’s so good at being a 7ft tall guy makes him such a tough keeper. He can beat an outside, midrange or inside team. This is all such an impressive achievement and it makes him such a great player.

“I can’t think of a player like him,” Borrego concluded. “I just think he’s so unique. The power, size and skill set are so unique.

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