Jaylen Brown equals modern record with 36 shots, 0 assists


Marcus Smart has said his Celtics teammate Jaylen Brown (and Jayson Tatum) “doesn’t want to pass the ball”.

Brown didn’t exactly prove Smart wrong yesterday.

In Boston’s 91-82 loss to the Clippers, Brown landed 36 shots without registering a single assist. This ties former Celtics forward Antoine Walker and former Cavaliers forward Mike Mitchell (twice) for most no-assist field goal attempts in a game since the NBA-ABA merger:

* playoffs

In fairness to Brown, he had eight potential assists, according to NBA.com. His teammates narrowly missed all those shots. According to ESPN, no player has had more potential assists without an assist in a game this season.

Boston was just freezing downtown, including on a few looks put on by Brown. The Celtics shot a terrible 3-point 4-for-42 (10%). Brown (1 for 13 beyond the arc lowered the average.)

But eight potential assists isn’t a large amount for someone who has controlled much of the offense with Tatum sidelined. Brown took three times as many shots as any of his teammates outside of Al Horford (who took 22 fewer shots than Brown – and still had eight assists). Brown’s pass is a relative weak point in his overall stellar game.

With people already predisposed to question Brown’s cast, last night’s box score serves as supporting evidence.

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