Joel Embiid does things for the Sixers unheard of since Wilt Chamberlain


As the Philadelphia 76ers wrapped up an impressive 3-0 road trip Thursday with a 110-102 win over the Brooklyn Nets, they got another big performance from superstar Joel Embiid.

The big guy dropped 34 points, including 22 in the first half, and he dominated all night to help Philadelphia to an impressive victory. The Sixers now end the 2021 part of their schedule with a 19-16 record despite all the adversity they have faced.

In the process, Embiid joins franchise legend Wilt Chamberlain for another record. He’s averaged 36.3 points and 10.4 rebounds in his last seven road games. He joins Chamberlain as the only Sixers to average at least 30 and 10 over a span of 7 matches.

“I have to do it at home and on the road,” Embiid said. “I was pretty good, which is unusual. Usually we’re very good at home as a team, but this year we haven’t protected the pitch as we should, so we have to do it at home and on the road.

Thursday’s win saw the Sixers improve to 13-8 on the road from just 6-8 at home. So from Embiid’s point of view, they also need to find some consistency at home.

“We do it as a team,” said the big guy. “It’s good to win. The vibrations are great, so we have to keep doing it. “

After the game, interim head coach Dan Burke said Embiid started to trust his teammates a bit more and that helped him get into the rhythm a bit.

“I thought he was starting to trust his teammates more,” said Burke. “Sometimes when you want to win so badly, you try to do it yourself. I thought he had a good mix, especially in the second half, and we know we have to play with him. I told him after the game, we’re okay with him calling games, it doesn’t always have to be for him, but we know we have to play through him.

The Sixers will now head to 2022 and they will host the Houston Rockets on Monday to begin this part of their schedule.

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