Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant Explain Trash Speech in Sixers’ Nets Win


The Philadelphia 76ers were able to walk away with an impressive 110-102 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on the road Thursday where Joel Embiid once again had a big game. The big guy scored 34 points and this is the seventh straight road game he’s scored over 30 points.

Towards the end of the contest, Embiid and Nets superstar Kevin Durant took a bit of interest when Durant started heading to Embiid with some trash talk. Of course, Embiid was going to come back on him and they were hit with double technical faults with Embiid shouting “come home” towards Durant and the Nets.

This was due to Durant doing the same to the Sixers towards the end of the Nets’ victory on December 16. Embiid just wanted to reciprocate while respecting his friend, Durant.

“They’re the best team in the conference,” Embiid said. “Obviously, I respect them a lot. Judging by the way he was acting last time around, it’s the same he told us. Basically we returned the favor, but there is a lot of respect. I always tell people, I think I can do anything on the basketball court. There aren’t a lot of guys who can do it and if there’s one player that I think is more talented than me, it’s him. I have a lot of respect for him and I admire his game.

Durant echoed the same message when asked about it from Brooklyn’s perspective.

“We’re just competitive,” Embiid added. “Victories matter. Each of them. It’s always good to beat the best in the conference.

The Sixers will end the 2021 part of their schedule at 19-16 with the win and they will now move up to 2022 when they host the Houston Rockets on Monday. This gives them the opportunity to create some momentum for the future.

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