José Calderón signs for the Cavaliers in the NBA


Jose Manuel Calderon He will return to the NBA 3 years after his retirement. The Extremaduran base has been incorporated to the Cleveland Cavaliers board of directors to serve as an Ohio franchise executive where he already played in the 2017-2018 season next to a Lebron James who was full of praise for Calderón.

Despite his retirement, José Manuel Calderón has never left the NBA, in 2019 he started working within the NBA Players Association, a very important body in negotiations between league and players. The one who was the starting point guard of the Spanish basketball team will occupy a position in the Cavaliers offices as a counselor and with the aim of helping in decision-making thanks to his great experience in the NBA.

The Cavaliers have shown very happy for the incorporation of a figure like Calderón: “We are delighted to incorporate into our main office someone with the background and experience of José Calderón. Your accomplishments as a basketball player and your familiarity with our organization will be invaluable. We look forward to your ideas and perspective on how we can continue to move this team forward. and enhancing our efforts toward long-term, sustainable success here at Cleveland & rdquor ;.

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