Kareem will gladly congratulate LeBron if he breaks the scoring record


Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has racked up multiple MVP awards, NBA Finals MVP, rings, All-Star appearances and more, but there’s another throne the Kings are chasing: Everyone’s scoring record. the temperature.

James recently surpassed 36,000 points during his 19-year career, becoming one of only three players to ever eclipse that mark. Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are the other two.

Abdul-Jabbar holds the top spot with 38,387 points, so James must continue if he wants to make history again. James is currently averaging 28.9 points this season, an incredible achievement for someone who just turned 37.

If James overtakes Abdul-Jabbar, the former Laker and Milwaukee legend Buck would be there to celebrate his achievement, Kareem said in a response to Magic Johnson on Twitter:

“If he manages to maintain his consistency, I would be happy to be there to congratulate him if he breaks the goalscoring record and when he does break the record.”

Abdul-Jabbar told longtime NBA reporter Marc Stein in September that he would be there to cheer on James if James broke the record. Abdul-Jabbar said he views records as human achievement, not personal achievement, and everyone wins when a record is broken.

It could be a time similar to when Ray Allen and Reggie Miller attended Stephen Curry’s record-breaking night when he became the all-time frontman in the made 3s.

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