Karl-Anthony Towns gives his flowers to Jimmy Butler, thanks him for his run to the playoffs


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Since Jimmy Butler asked the Minnesota Timberwolves for a trade, the relationship between Karl-Anthony Towns and Jimmy Buckets has not been great. This created several viral moments. Whether we go back to the famous practice in which Butler allegedly dominated the KAT team despite having no key contributors on his side, or the time Towns told Butler to “”call Rachel Nichols“.

There have been several public displays of the two sharing their distaste for each other. This is why it was so surprising to hear KAT’s comments about Butler, in which he praised the All-NBA defenseman.

Here is the clip.

In the clip, Towns can be heard thanking Butler for his run to the playoffs, saying he appreciates it. KAT goes on to mention that while they disagreed, they got the job done on the pitch, giving Wolves a chance to advance to the playoffs. The 2017-18 season is still the only year in KAT’s seven-year career that he made the playoffs.

Karl-Anthony Towns matures, sort of

Maybe Towns is fed up with trying to continue this unnecessary public beef. We’ve seen KAT mature a lot over the years, this might just be another example.

Although I note it, Towns looks a bit drunk, or something in the video. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but it sure could have affected his emotions at the time. Either way, if these are Towns’ true feelings, that’s good to hear. Much better than trying to continue to hold a grudge for something that happened years ago.

Ultimately, Towns and Butler are some of the best in the NBA at what they offer. Towns is one of the Association’s best shooters, if not the best, and Butler is a two-way star, defending at the highest level while being able to come out on top when his team need him most. Together, who knows what they could have accomplished?

Now we’ll never know, but at least there appears to be some repair to the fences, on the KAT side. Your move, Jimmy.

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