Klay Thompson gets first bucket back with dual-clutch first quarter float against Cavaliers


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In his first half of action in over two and a half years, Klay Thompson scored seven points on 3 of 9 shots. He certainly didn’t hesitate to shoot and achieved his first bucket – a dual-clutch float on the go. in less than 40 seconds in the game.

It’s a time for the ages. Thompson, one of the league’s most beloved players, hasn’t played in an NBA game for over two and a half years. He tore his ACL in Game 6 of the 2019 Finals, then after a year of rehab from that injury, Thompson tore his Achilles tendon just before 2020 training camp, which also earned him to be absent all last season.

So it took a while to come, and now that the ice is broken, the Warriors, who beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 96-82 on Sunday night, can focus on getting Thompson back in their rotations until he is no longer limited in minutes.

For all the thrills of Thompson’s comeback, it ultimately comes down to Golden State competing for a championship, and they’ve quietly only had the 26th offense since Dec. 1. Thompson will clearly take a lot of pressure off Curry, who is having the worst filming season of his career so far. What will be most interesting is the defensive end and if Thompson can resume his elite production while keeping the best wingers and pointers in the league.

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