Kyle Lowry sent off for throwing the ball at the referee (video)


Kyle Lowry was sent off for throwing the ball too far at a referee.

Now he has been ejected for throwing the ball too hard at a referee.

I suppose.

Lowry got his second technical foul in the Heat’s 115-109 win over the Trail Blazers yesterday for this throw to Matt Kallio:

Team manager Derek Richardson has confirmed that “throwing the ball hard” is a factor in Lowry’s technique. In fairness to Kallio, the unnecessary slow-downs don’t do the zipping of the ball justice. But stay. The speed didn’t seem excessive.

Want to see the real intensity? Watch Tyler Herro chase Jusuf Nurkic off a hard screen and Nurkic come straight back to Herro:

Herro and Nurkic’s ejections seem more justified.

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