Kyrie Irving nears Pacers comeback


He has not walked an NBA floor since Game 4 of the semi-final against the Bucks, Kyrie Irving will certainly make his return this Wednesday night against the Pacers. Still unvaccinated, Brooklyn could finally recall the third member of her fetish trio.

A long wait

Eight months. It is the time of absence of Kyrie Irving on an NBA floor. First injured, during Game 4 of the conference semi-final against Milwaukee, today the magician of the Nets could play. However, his reluctance to be vaccinated prevents him from being part of the team. In fact, New York law does not allow him to play in the state until he has received his full doses of the vaccine. From October, the management of the Nets was clear. Either Kyrie Irving is with the squad all season or he’s left out. The leader remained true to his convictions and preferred to move away from the group. Nonetheless, recent Brooklyn results are causing decision makers to go back on their word and call Kyrie Irving back.

Indeed, the Nets are on three defeats in a row. The Sixers, Clippers and Grizzlies are the names of the executioners. The hardest part of these defeats lies in the collective performances. Kevin Durant and James Harden are now on their way and are turning to their statistics as we know them. The beard chain the triple-doubles, and KD scored at least 30 points per game. The problem lies elsewhere. The players around them do not keep pace with scoring, except for Patty Mills who has already shown good things in previous matches. Brooklyn has not been spared from injuries and covid protocols and has therefore been forced to field a lot of bench back players like DeAndre Bembry, Cameron Thomas or Day’Ron Sharpe. However, with such a prolific Durant-Harden duo, the Nets should win more games.

A half-time return

According to the latest news, Kyrie Irving should return on Wednesday night to Thursday against the Pacers. Very good news for the basketball world, which has found one of its greatest players as well as one of the most beautiful to see evolve. However, the law in New York State has still not changed. So Kyrie Irving will only be able to play away games in states that allow the unvaccinated to play. The star of the Nets will be present and absent at the same time. A unique and unprecedented situation in the history of the NBA. Fortunately, no worries about his level of play. According to the feelings of Kevin Durant and James Harden having seen him in training, Irving has lost none of his splendor.

The magical trio of the Nets has a good chance of reuniting in Indiana. A breath of fresh air for Steve Nash who will be able to count on another quality player. However, the situation remains complicated by his forced absence from Barclays Center. The solution would be a vegan vaccine (plant-based and not tested on animals) for Kyrie Irving. For the moment, this vaccine is still being tested, but should see the light of day in 2022. At the moment T, Irving will be back on a basketball court and this is already a great victory.

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