League officials expect Sixers to act on Ben Simmons deal by deadline


The Philadelphia 76ers are still looking to find a solution to their current situation at Ben Simmons as the schedule is about to turn to 2022. The Sixers are currently sitting at 18-16 and they are the No. 6 seed. of the Eastern Conference while fighting. a lot of adversity.

The Simmons saga has continued to be at the forefront of everything the Sixers plan to do. It is obvious that they are missing on the pitch, but they are also missing his replacement in any possible deal. As a result, they are not playing up to their expectations heading into this season.

While some might believe the Sixers could stumble this season in order to pursue James Harden in the offseason, some league officials believe the Sixers will act on the trade deadline.

By John Hollinger of The Athletic:

Despite the Sixers’ boast to the contrary, consensus around the league remains that Philadelphia is more likely to act on the trade deadline than to continue until next summer, in order to avoid miss a bonus year of Joel Embiid. . The counter-argument is that the Sixers, as they’re currently constituted, have been unimpressive enough that it doesn’t hurt much to wait.

It will be interesting to see if any stars start to break free by the deadline in a Simmons deal. While the Sixers still have their eyes set on someone like Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal, these are unlikely scenarios given how important these two players are to their respective franchises.

The Sixers want to seriously fight for a title while Embiid is still on his feet and in good health. The big key for them is finding the right All-Star partner next to the big guy in order to compete properly with teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets in the East. If Simmons doesn’t come back and play for the Sixers, then they need to act and not lose another season of Embiid’s bounty.

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