Malik Monk explains his frustration after Grizzlies loss


It’s a sentiment the Los Angeles Lakers have felt repeatedly this year: to take a double-digit lead.

This time around, the Lakers fell 13 points ahead in the second half to the Memphis Grizzlies and collapsed in a downturn, dropping to 17-19 this season instead of falling to 0.500.

Los Angeles led most of the game until the end of the fourth quarter, when Ja Morant took over the contest to put Memphis in place.

Once Morant caught fire, the Lakers forgot what led them in the first place. Bad shooting decisions and offensive misfires took their toll on the Lakers, and Malik Monk is not happy.

“Sh-t is super frustrating, man. We’ve been doing this all year round and we know what it takes. This is why it is so frustrating for us. But yeah, man, we just gotta be locked up together, and I think we’ll be alright.

Monk, who finished the game with 15 points on 6 of 9 shots, admitted with frustration that the team are still coming to terms with each other in 36 games this season.

Injuries and setbacks from health and safety protocols have plagued LA in recent weeks, but the Lakers have had the edge for so long. It shouldn’t have been a loss as it could hurt LA on the road if he’s near the top of the playoff chase.

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