Malik Monk wants to be a consistent and reliable player


After the Los Angeles Lakers signed a slew of 30-plus free agency veterans, Malik Monk quietly stood out from the pack.

The 23-year-old guard signed a one-year contract with LA after a year-long career with the Charlotte Hornets. Although he drafted him No.11 in 2017, Charlotte let him walk because there were too many guards on the roster.

This paved the way for Monk to the Lakers, and after playing 31 games, Monk established himself as one of the team’s top bench scorers.

It hasn’t been hard to achieve given Los Angeles’ struggles this season, but Monk has truly been a valued member of the squad in the midst of all the issues.

He recently missed five games due to health and safety protocols, but in his three games since his return he has scored 20 points, 25 points, and then 15 points on 58.3% of total shots and 42, 1% on 3 points. Monk has started in the last two landmark games.

Following his 15-point outing against Memphis, he confirmed his aspirations to be a reliable player alongside LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis.

“I try to play that role every (game), it doesn’t matter if I play a lot or not, I try to play that role and everything that goes with it. I wanna be that guy. I got into games thinking that and playing like that too. “

Monk is averaging 10.7 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists off the bench, which is solid all things considered. He’s one of the best supporting creators on the team, and he pairs up perfectly alongside LeBron.

The Lakers need Monk to continue playing that way because his value to the team will only increase when Davis returns to the roster.

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