Matisse Thybulle surprised to see Sixers lead an Embiid-Drummond formation


The Philadelphia 76ers have been a team that has focused on building guards around Joel Embiid to make sure he has enough room to go to work on offense. This led to offensive success for the big guy.

However, in Wednesday’s victory over the Orlando Magic, the Sixers featured a lineup in which Embiid played with another great man in the form of Andre Drummond. The Sixers were down 10 in the third quarter and Embiid and Drummond playing together helped turn the tide and secure a victory for the Sixers.

Matisse Thybulle, who missed the game due to adhering to health and safety protocols, was surprised to see Embiid and Drummond play together when he watched the game.

“I thought someone screwed up the submarines!” Thybulle laughed Friday morning. “It was good and I thought oh there might be something here. I don’t think it was considered an idea until it happened.

The idea could come from a post-Christmas practice. Coach Doc Rivers decided to hold a scrimmage where the Big Five faced off against the Five Guards, which could have been the place where he came up with the idea to bring them together.

“It’s true!” said Thybulle. “We played big on the guards. It was very interesting. Maybe it comes from that. Maybe he did. Who knows? It was so hit and miss at first. He said ‘Yeah! Joel, Charles, like all these guys, it was fun. I think that was a great way to play basketball and not have to be so serious. Just play for fun.

While the lineup is a bit odd due to the way the game is played in the NBA today, the Sixers were still able to use it to their advantage.

“Seeing Jo and Andre there, like the Twin Towers was really fun to watch,” Thybulle added. “It’s such an interesting formation, and I think it’s very intimidating for the other teams.

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