NBA 2022 All-Star Game Voting Update


With less than ten days to go before the voting closes, the NBA has unveiled the second fan pick score for the 2022 All-Star Game, which will take place on February 20 in Ohio. Zoom on the voices distributed in each of the two conferences.

Reminder – To designate the holders of the All-Star Game, the public vote counts for 50% of the votes, the remaining 50% being divided between the players (25%) and the media panel (50%). The substitutes will be selected by the 30 coaches of the league.

Eastern Conference

He would be captain

  • 1 – Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets): 4,088,334 votes

Already leading the votes in the Eastern Conference in the first score, Kevin Durant retains his hypothetical role as captain for the All-Star Game. With more than 200,000 votes ahead of its first pursuer, the MVP of the last Finals Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Nets franchise player is heading for a second consecutive year leading the votes in the East after having already been the last year.

They would be holders

  • 2 – Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks): 3,808,458 votes
  • 3 – DeMar De Rozan (Chicago Bulls): 2,973,854 votes
  • 4 – Joël Embiid (Philadelphia Sixers): 2,357,404 votes
  • 5 – Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks): 1,596,301 votes

The only player who can still challenge the throne to Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo has a huge margin to stay on the podium of the frontcourt of his conference (more than 2.5 million votes more than the fourth, Jayson Tatum) and should logically be incumbent. The same goes for Joël Embiid, also largely ahead of the Celtics winger. Among the guards, DeMar De Rozan is well in the lead, and is now ahead of a Trae Young who enters the potential five major by passing James Harden, second guard in the first score.

They are still in the race

  • 6 – Zach LaVine (Chicago Bulls): 1,442,571 votes
  • 7 – James Harden (Brooklyn Nets): 1,433,217 votes
  • 8 – Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics): 1,155,591 votes
  • 9 – Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat): 978,889 votes
  • 10 – LaMelo Ball (Charlotte Hornets): 694,446 votes

If Trae Young holds the rope behind DeMar De Rozan, nothing is done yet as Zach LaVine and James Harden are closely behind him. With less than 150,000 votes late, the backs of Chicago and Brooklyn can still burn politeness to the leader of the Hawks. On the frontcourt, however, it is much more difficult to imagine a change in the top 3, with Jayson Tatum more than a million votes behind Joël Embiid. Jimmy Butler completes the top 5 on the frontcourt with more than 500,000 votes ahead of Jarrett Allen, just behind him, while LaMelo Ball completes that of the guards but is already out of the race for a starting place.

Western Conference

He would be captain

  • 1 – Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors): 4,463,426 votes

Like Kevin Durant in the East, Stephen Curry retains his place as the leader of the votes in the West (and even throughout the league) in the second score. The lead of the Warriors, however, is tiny, with less than 100,000 votes ahead of LeBron James, second. Note that if Curry retains his throne, it would be the first time since the institution of the All-Star Game draft instead of the East and West teams in 2018 that the King would not be captain.

They would be holders

  • 2 – LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers): 4,386,392 votes
  • 3 – Nikola Jokić (Denver Nuggets): 3,016,380 votes
  • 4 – Andrew Wiggins (Golden State Warriors): 1,829,733 votes
  • 5 – Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies): 1,633,313 votes

Stephen Curry’s runner-up in the Western Conference (and in the global vote), LeBron James, however, dominates the debates on the frontcourt quite widely. With more than a million votes ahead of Nikola Jokić, he should finish first in this category and secure a starting place. The Serbian pivot is also well ahead of his pursuers and is heading for a second start in the All-Star Game. On the other hand, it is excessively tight for the last place, where Andrew Wiggins has passed Paul George and potentially finds himself in the major five for his first selection. Very tight also among the guards where Ja Morant has overtaken Luka Doncić in relation to the first score and invites himself among the incumbents of the public, thanks to the last extraordinary performances.

They are still in the race

  • 6 – Paul George (Los Angeles Clippers): 1,773,447 votes
  • 7 – Luka Doncić (Dallas Mavericks): 1,410,605 votes
  • 8 – Anhony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers): 1,342,294 votes
  • 9 – Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors): 1,295,848 votes
  • 10 – Carmelo Anthony (Los Angeles Lakers): 886,014 votes

According to the fans during the first score, Paul George finds himself first pursuer with less than 100,000 votes behind. If he is currently injured, the Clippers player can still hope to find the top 3 on the frontcourt by January 22 and the voting closes. Later, Anthony Davis and Draymond Green still have a little hope but are starting from a long way, while Carmelo Anthony is definitely out of the race despite his tenth place overall. Among the guards Luka Doncić can still claim a starting place, and is the only one in this position in this position group. Note that Klay Thompson is fourth among the guards in the West with 749,038 votes, even though he did not return to the court until last Sunday.

On the French side, only Rudy Gobert appears in the score, with 419,853 votes and a ninth place on the frontcourt of the Western Conference.

Some changes in the holders and spots that seem secure in the second score of the votes for the All-Star Game NBA. See you in nine days, January 22, for the final closure of the public votes.

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