NBA Twitter slams Russ after another rough post


The Los Angeles Lakers acquired Russell Westbrook over the summer to become the team’s third star, but he hasn’t played as such in recent games.

The triple-double machine can still produce assists and rebounds despite a much lower use rate, but its shooting efficiency has fallen off the cliff.

Four games ago against the Sacramento Kings, Westbrook shot 7 of 19 (36.8%). Then he shot 4 of 14 against the Atlanta Hawks (28.5%), followed by a night of 2 of 12 against the Memphis Grizzlies (16.6%).

It seemed like the lowest he could get for the former 2017 NBA MVP, but, as it turned out in Wednesday’s loss to the Kings, he went down.

Westbrook converted just 2 of 14 shots (14.2%), which is nowhere near what he should produce as he earns $ 44 million this season.

NBA Twitter did not hold back after this performance:

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