Nets stars pushed the team to bring back Kyrie Irving


The big question that hangs over Kyrie Irving’s return: How long will the Nets allow him to be a part-time player?

Initially, the Nets said they were barring Irving – already ineligible for home games due to New York City’s vaccination mandate – from road games due to chemistry issues. The Nets say they are allowing him to return for road games because their chemistry and depth have been affected by coronavirus concerns anyway.

But the NBA makes it easier for players to come back from protocols. This wave of cases will pass – perhaps before the playoffs.

So where will that leave Irving if the Nets recover and he remains unvaccinated?

Here’s a hint: There was talk of Irving’s return even before the Nets’ major coronavirus issues.

Brian Windhorst from ESPN:

Discussions about the change in stance began before the Nets’ list had COVID issues, I’m told.

They pivoted. And they rocked, I think, because their players – and their star players, in particular – have made their opinions known.

Brooklyn has been an organization that caters to its stars. Would the Nets really take Irving out of road games if Kevin Durant and James Harden wanted him to play?

May be. But maybe not.

It could depend on how Irving’s comeback goes. So far, everyone seems to be really happy he’s back.

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