New simulated trade has Sixers moving Ben Simmons to Kings in 3-team deal


The Philadelphia 76ers are almost halfway through the 2021-22 season as they are still looking to regain their pace and continue to build on their current winning streak. The Sixers played solid basketball and they move up the standings in the East.

The only issue that continues to loom over the franchise is Ben Simmons’ situation. No matter how many consecutive games this team wins, whether to move Simmons or bring him back is always at the forefront of what’s going on around this team.

The trade deadline is just one month away, February 10, and now is the time for the Sixers to seriously start thinking about what to do with Simmons. While the franchise still wants a Top 25 player, it may not get that player until the offseason. Therefore, they have to decide whether to move him to the deadline or they try to convince him to come back, which happens to be their main goal.

A new simulated Bleacher Report trade saw the Sixers transfer Simmons to the Sacramento Kings in a three-team deal that also includes the Boston Celtics:

  • The Sixers receive: Jaylen Brown, Juan Hernangomez
  • Kings receive: Simmons, Jaden Springer, 2023 first-round trade (via Philadelphia)
  • The Celtics receive: Terence Davis, De’Aaron Fox, 2022 Philadelphia first-round pick (top-five protection), 2024 first-round trade (via Philadelphia)

B / R on why the Sixers are making this deal:

Philadelphia would finally move Simmons would be a boon to all of us. And that deal sits right in the net of a potential All-Star. Brown isn’t a traditional shot creator and won’t replace any of Simmons’ passes, but his familiarity with off-ball work should synergize with Joel Embiid, and Tyrese Maxey’s rise allows the Sixers to target players who are not the main balloon – the handlers.

First off, the Celtics are unlikely to trade Jaylen Brown, so while this deal makes sense on paper, the Sixers are unlikely to trade with Brown in the near future. Boston seems attached to Brown and Jayson Tatum as they try to figure it all out.

It makes sense that this is a 3-team deal in any scenario with the Kings. It’s hard to see Philadelphia agreeing to a De’Aaron Fox and / or Tyrese Haliburton-centric deal in order to strike a deal with Simmons. President Daryl Morey will continue to wait and see when a top player breaks free to make a move.

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  1. Kings Fan says

    Why couldn’t Sacramento cut Philly out of the deal and trade Fox for Brown? Much better deal for Sac and the Celtics would get an equal return. No need to play Morey’s game. Let him keep thinking he’s going to get a Harden type return. He’s going to end up with a big plate of nothing.

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