Not even the Warriors can stop Ja Morant’s Grizzlies


It wasn’t enough for Stephen Curry to get his second triple-double of the season for some Memphis Grizzlies led with class and poise by Ja Morant accumulated before the Golden state warriors his tenth consecutive victory. Curry, although he started the game off and only had 3 points in the first quarter, he finished the night with 27 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, leading his team in each of those categories. But Morant won the game over the triple king. The Grizzlies guard was the leading scorer of the game with 29 points, in addition to 5 rebounds and 8 assists. Ziaire Williams and Tyus Jones were immediately behind Morant, with 17 points each.

For the Warriors, the best shooter after Curry was Klay Thompson, who scored 14 points in nearly 20 minutes in his second game after recovering from two serious injuries that had kept him out of the competition since June 2019. Although Thompson had his minutes reduced, the escort showed that he is fully recovered and did not hesitate to use himself with energy, without fear of breaking again. The absence of Draymond Green in the ranks of the Warriors, with discomfort in the left calf, was too much for the team that signed a bad first half, plagued by errors and turnovers (12). The performance in the first 24 minutes was too heavy a slab to come back in the second half.

Morant makes a difference

The Warriors started the game with a better attack from Andrew Wiggins and Thompson. Between the two players, 8 points were divided equally in the first 2 minutes, which left the score at 2-8 in favor of the visitors. But the joy of the Warriors was short-lived. Morant took responsibility in his team and in less than 4 minutes the Grizzlies scored a 12-0 run, with spectacular plays such as an ‘alley oop’ from Morant to a pass from Williams. Morant did not loosen and the Memphis continued to increase their advantage. With 3 minutes remaining in the first quarter it was already 10 points, 24-14, and the Grizzlies point guard accumulated 15 points. However, it was enough for Curry to regain interest in the game for 2 minutes for the Warriors to get closer to 4 points, 28-24, at the end of the first 12 minutes.

In the second quarter, the Grizzlies held the score. Curry, who had only scored 3 points in the first quarter, and all from free throws, accumulated 9. But his squires Thompson and Wiggins could only score 3 points each.

Iguodala, booed by Memphis

And Andre Iguodala, who was booed by the crowd every time he touched the ball for his refusal to play for Memphis last season, was unable to contribute a single point to his team. On the other side of the track, Morant eased off thanks to a good performance from his replacement, Tyus Jones. Jones along with Williams and Desmond Bane came to put the Memphis lead to 18 points, 49-31. But a new reaction from the visitors left the score at halftime at 59-51 for the Grizzlies.

Back from the locker room, the Warriors made a 0-12 run with contributions from Curry, Thompson and Kevon Looney, putting San Francisco ahead 59-63. The Warriors would go up to 7 points, 61-68. But the California team could not hold that margin and when the third period ended, the scoreboard indicated a 87-90. And in the last 12 minutes Curry disappeared again. The best 3-point man in NBA history missed all three of three shots he tried and only scored a 2-point basket. Morant did not even need to play the same minutes as Curry and even so, the Grizzlies signed their tenth consecutive victory, with a 116-108 against the Warriors.

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