Russ responds to Kings trolling him after tough game


Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook has had a tough shooting spell lately, and it persisted against the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday.

Westbrook, the former MVP in 2017, had eight points on 2 of 14 shots in total, barely hitting the 14% mark. He also missed all five of his 3 points, including one late in the game that sealed the Lakers’ chances of reducing the deficit.

NBA Twitter went all out on Westbrook’s rough two-way display, but it didn’t stop there. The Kings’ playing operations also got to Westbrook and trolled him throughout the game when he missed his shots while playing “Cold As Ice”.

The Kings also called him “the game’s frosty player” (h / t: The action network):

Westbrook responded to the Kings after the game:

“That’s funny. I hope they’ve played that over the past 14 years as well. It’s funny that they’re playing it now. It’s cute.”

The Kings haven’t made the playoffs for 15 straight seasons, which is tied for the longest streak in NBA history. Sacramento is currently 17-27, which would make it 16 consecutive seasons if that winning pace continues.

NBA Twitter slams Russell Westbrook after another tough display against Kings

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