Sekou Doumbouya re-signed to two way; Jay Huff gave up


The Los Angeles Lakers announced Wednesday that Sekou Doumbouya has signed a new two-part contract.

In order to make room for the arrival of Doumbouya, the Lakers renounce Jay Huff.

Doumbouya was with LA on a two-pronged contract earlier in the season, but was suspended after sustaining an injury. The former 2019 No. 15 overall pick now has another opportunity with the Lakers. He made two appearances in his first stint and won a 10-point game on a 4-of-4 shot against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Huff, a 7-foot-1 center on the ground, has made four appearances during his run, the last of which was Dec. 23. He averaged 1.0 rebound, 0.2 assists and 0.2 steals in 5.0 minutes per game.

The other Laker currently on a bilateral deal is Mason Jones, who has appeared in two games since the franchise began on December 21.

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