Sixers’ Danny Green explains how LeBron James matured


Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James continues his incredible run in the NBA, which is currently 19 for the superstar.

James has been one of the most dominant players in the league since entering the NBA straight out of high school in 2003. He has won four titles with three different teams, four MVPs and several other accomplishments that would extend that sentence.

But it’s also interesting to see how LeBron has matured from his youth in Cleveland until today with the Lakers at 37.

Philadelphia 76ers guard Danny Green, who played with James as a rookie in 2009 in Cleveland and won a title with James in the Orlando Bubble in 2019-20, provided his thoughts on James’ maturing process. over the years, via Ky Carlin of Sixers Wire:

He was a big boy at the time. He’s still a big kid, but he’s a lot more professional. He understands he could win games, but he knew how to win, I guess after he got back from Miami because he found out the formula of the right way to do things and how to win. So when he came from there, I think he took those principles and brought them back with him to Cleveland and LA, but his IQ. His memory has always been the same. He has a high IQ. He watches a lot more movies. With that maturity to take it more professionally and the little details to get it right. He brought that with him and that’s how he matured more than anything.

LeBron is now in the process of trying to win his fifth title and his second with the Lakers. James always breaks records with his extraordinary game, only time will tell if he can deliver again. He’ll definitely need his supporting cast to come forward as well.

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