Sixers discuss Tyrese Maxey’s health as he reviews protocols


The Philadelphia 76ers will hit the road again to face the Houston Rockets on Monday, but they will do so without the help of their starting point guard who remains in health and safety protocols.

Tyrese Maxey got into protocols ahead of the team’s first encounter with the Rockets on January 3 and he’s now missed three straight games, with this next being his fourth missed game. He still has to go through the protocols and make sure he’s ready to go back to join the team in a healthy way.

“He’s still out,” coach Doc Rivers said in practice Sunday. “He’s still trying to get through protocol. It’s just protocol. Everything is still formal now with the league. You have to hit certain numbers.

When asked if Maxey actually felt sick or anything, Rivers replied that he did.

“No,” Rivers said. “He feels good. “

The Sixers have a group chat between the players where they check each other out to make sure the guys are feeling their best and making sure they don’t feel lonely or anything. Maxey mentioned in the chat that he can’t wait to come back and play.

“He is feeling better,” Furkan Korkmaz said. “I think there is something with his numbers. The league is looking to get numbers and then he can join the team. I think he’s in good health, he’s doing a lot better. He just wants to play. Even during workouts, he came in and trained when he was healthy. That’s his mentality right now. He just wants to play.

Maxey’s next opportunity to return will be Wednesday when the team return home to welcome the Charlotte Hornets.

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