Sixers hints there will be more lineups Joel Embiid-Andre Drummond


The Philadelphia 76ers are a team that play a more modern style of basketball as they’ve surrounded Joel Embiid with shooting threats like Seth Curry, Danny Green, Tobias Harris and even Tyrese Maxey and Furkan Korkmaz at times.

With those shooters on the ground opposing defenses have to pay attention and that gives Embiid space to do what he’s doing at the post. When the teams send the doubles, the big guy then splits him up by switching to the shooters.

However, the Sixers also have a former All-Star big man on their bench that they can use in the form of Andre Drummond as well.

While playing rosters with two great men is no longer common in today’s NBA, coach Doc Rivers rocked the Embiid-Drummond roster in their Jan. 5 win over the Orlando Magic and the roster was good enough to come back and win.

“I like it,” Rivers said. “You can’t do it every night, you have to have the right clashes, I bounce back, but you also have to keep the 3 point line and a lot of their actions. There are a lot of teams that will allow us to do it with what they have on the field. There might be a night when we do it anyway just to create a match. “

The fact that Embiid is able to manipulate the ball a bit is a big key to making it work. The Sixers have a guy who can grab a rebound and then be able to immediately push in and get the ball back on the break. Drummond can then run off the ground and settle in while Embiid does his perimeter thing.

“The fact that he handles the ball allows us to play the King Kong-Godzilla lineup with him and Drum,” said Danny Green. “Drum, the way he can move to the ground, when these two guys play together they’re pretty excited and they start to run the ground really well, so with Joel running it, that allows us to use different formations. . Small and big.

Considering how rare it is to play with two great men at the same time in today’s NBA game, Green admitted he was a little surprised to see him used against the Magic.

“I guess it’s a bit because Doc doesn’t change him that much,” Green said. “It worked out well, I’m still a big fan of it. I was excited to see him. I was just wondering when we were gonna release it. It’s more a matter of time for a lot of guys. Like oh, it’s about time we gave this a try or did something different just to see how it would turn out. “

The two-man roster saw the Sixers fight Orlando’s size and rally a double-digit drop to claim a victory. Rivers made the right adjustment in the win.

“He always makes the right calls anyway,” Green added. “It’s just good to stick with what we know what works instead of trying new things, but I feel like I’m one of those games, we tried different areas. , different presses and different queues to see what works and I think this was the perfect one it’s time to try it out.

While Embiid is the guy who will make things work with this lineup with his shooting ability and ball handling, Drummond also plays a big role with his passing ability and ability to run across the floor and finish at the basket. .

“The drum has a great speed, it moves its feet well, just like Joel,” Rivers added. “Joel’s ability to stretch the floor with the 3, Joel can still post with that lineup, so there’s a lot. We haven’t worked with it a lot, but we’ve worked with it a bit.

This is a formation the Sixers have used in practice, which is something different from most of the formations they have put on the field.

“Some of the lineups that we’ve taken down due to COVID or injury, we haven’t taken down,” the coach concluded. “We actually worked with this training. They appreciate it. They were happy because they were joking recently, why do we practice with it everyday and never use it? They were happy to see him.

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