Sixers not interested in acquiring Russell Westbrook for Ben Simmons


The February 10 trade deadline is fast approaching and the Philadelphia 76ers will have a very important decision to make.

Do they just want to hang on to Ben Simmons and try to move him this summer in exchange for a Top 25 player? Or do they move him around to make him move and try to win now while Joel Embiid is standing?

It looks like the Sixers are happy with the former as they have a better chance of acquiring the type of player they desire more in the offseason than they currently do. Philadelphia isn’t backing down from the asking price for Simmons and they’ll just have to wait for that.

Plus, they’re also not interested in everything the Los Angeles Lakers have to offer. While the Lakers are interested in Simmons, they obviously aren’t going to trade LeBron James or Anthony Davis for him. Therefore, the only other player who can match Simmons’ salary is Russell Westbrook who is struggling to fit in next to James and Davis.

Westbrook has had a season with current Sixers president Daryl Morey and the Houston Rockets, but according to The Athletic’s Sam Amick, Morey isn’t interested in another Westbrook round:

But sometimes we forget that executives are ultra-competitive in their professions as well, and it’s safe to say Morey has no interest in running a bad deal because of the pressure. By the way, sources say that’s also why the Sixers have no interest in trading Simmons for Westbrook and alleviating the concerns of the Lakers with their trio of superstars.

The Sixers are right to feel that right now. While it’s hard to seemingly lose a bounty season from Embiid, they have to get that deal done with Simmons well. A guy like Westbrook isn’t going to move the needle right now despite his talent.

Philadelphia is aiming more for a guy like Damian Lillard, whose current injury could bring his value closer to Simmons’ level for Portland, or James Harden as they advance.

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