Sixers praise Tyrese Maxey for big game in Nets win


The Philadelphia 76ers received a big game from Joel Embiid on the road Thursday in order to topple the Brooklyn Nets 110-102 and it will be the main story of it. However, if it weren’t for the effort of their 21-year-old point guard, they probably wouldn’t win this one.

Tyrese Maxey took a big step forward with 25 points and seven rebounds and knocked down five career-high triples to get the job done. He hit four triples after halftime and he knocked down two clutches in the corner in the fourth when Philadelphia really needed it.

When it was all over, Embiid was happy that Maxey had taken and produced these pictures. This is something Embiid has been pleading for all season when it comes to his side on the attacking side of the pitch.

“He has to do it every night,” Embiid said. “He’ll tell you that I’ve been on him to not just shoot the open ones, just be aggressive and look for his own shot all year round. That’s what he did tonight. He took them and he made them. He has to do it every night.

Embiid playfully called Maxey “trash” after his win over the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday when Maxey only shot 2 for 11. He gave him some praise in this one.

“You were awesome today,” Embiid told Maxey. “This is how you respond to criticism. “

Maxey was able to open for trebles in the fourth due to the Nets paying so much attention to Seth Curry and Embiid in the pick-and-roll game. Maxey’s defender was paying so much attention to Curry and Embiid that it allowed him to have open looks.

“We started playing a few pieces for Seth and when I was cutting,” Maxey explained. “I kind of realized my guy was staying so I just started going around the corner because my guy was staying and helping with the pick and roll Joel and Seth and I was just getting wide open 3 . It’s as simple as that.

Maxey had to do all of this while defending Nets star James Harden. It was an impressive performance for the young man on the road.

“Tyrese is not scared and it’s huge,” said interim head coach Dan Burke. “He has a big heart and a lot of guts. He is coming.

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