Sixers try to include Tobias Harris in any deal with Ben Simmons


NBA trading season is officially upon us with the February 10 trade deadline fast approaching and the Philadelphia 76ers will certainly be in the middle of it all. They have a certain All-Star guard who is desperate for a change of scenery.

As for the Ben Simmons saga that has been going on since August, the Sixers have maintained that they will only move him for one of the top 25 players. The team’s # 1 goal remains that they want to see him join the squad and move forward with him on the roster despite everything that has happened.

While the Sixers may not get what they want for Simmons just yet, they may have their sights set on Brooklyn Nets star James Harden during the offseason. That is why they could seek to move Tobias Harris as well in any deal to free up money.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on his podcast “The Hoop Collective,” the Sixers are looking to move Harris into any potential deal with Simmons:

That’s the word out there, and because they can’t necessarily get an All-Star they want in return right now, as the Sixers have continued their talks, they’ve spoken to the teams about the exchange of Tobias and Ben. That’s $ 72 million, which means you would need $ 56 million to send for that to happen … you would have to trade a minimum of $ 56 million to trade for these two guys.

Tobias isn’t having a great season and I think part of it is because he doesn’t have Ben. They did good with guys who are not really leaders. I know Tyrese Maxey has had a good season and people are excited about him, but he’s not a real playmaker. He’s showing good numbers, but his shooting is down and he just doesn’t. not had the same impact… Tobias Harris is a good player. He’s probably too high a contract, but he’s a good player. Why would they want to do this?

The reason they would likely want to move Harris is if they end up acquiring John Collins from the Atlanta Hawks, as reported by The Athletic. Considering the fact that Collins and Harris are in the same position, it makes sense why Philadelphia would want to move him.

Windhorst added:

If you try to trade Tobias, that means you’ll likely get Collins in that deal.

Why would they seek to get rid of Tobias?… One of their options is that they want to race James Harden next summer and Harden can withdraw from his contract. He chose not to extend, obviously there’s the Daryl Morey connection, they tried to have him last year. I don’t know if he would leave the Nets. By the way, even if you got rid of those two guys, you’d still get some money back. It wouldn’t necessarily mean that you could have enough money. I think James Harden’s figure is around $ 48 million.

Some executives think one of the end games, not necessarily what’s going to happen or what their preference is, some NBA executives think one of the end games for Ben Simmons is that he’s traded for James Harden in a sign-and-trade next summer.

There is a lot the Sixers need to understand when it comes to Simmons’ situation. Will Harris be moved? Are they going to get the right value they want for Simmons? Can they really go after Harden? There’s a lot to be said over the next two weeks ahead of what promises to be a very busy trade deadline for Morey and GM Elton Brand.

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