The Grizzlies come back to the Lakers thanks to the spectacular game of Morant


Consolidated as one of the revelations of the season in the NBA, the Memphis Grizzlies achieved this Wednesday a great comeback against Los angeles lakers (104-99) thanks to a fantastic Ja Morant, who subjected to Lebron James in an individual duel in style.

Morant, 22, scored 41 points (6 of 7 in triples) and 10 rebounds, while James, who will turn 37 on Thursday, stroked the triple-double with 37 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists.

With 8 3-pointers, LeBron equaled his best shooting mark of three in a game.

But nevertheless, “King James” was not inspired by the decisive possession of the match, when the Lakers fumbled with 24 seconds left and 3 down on the scoreboard.

The Grizzlies were in tow during the first three quarters against a very compact and versatile Lakers, but they did not lose faith and they managed to turn the game around in the final stretch.

Desmond Bane (20 points) and Jaren Jackson Jr. (15 points) escorted Morant in the Grizzlies while Russell Westbrook signed his third consecutive triple-double for the Lakers with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists.

Faced with the smiles of those from Memphis, who occupy the fourth position in the West (22-14), the Lakers still do not raise their heads and they continue very far from the top of their conference (17-19).

Lebron hits …

LeBron James made Tuesday’s headlines against the Houston Rockets for two reasons: exceeded 36,000 points scored in his career (the third player to do so) and was surprisingly top five in the starting five.

James’ triple-double was key yesterday in the Lakers victory, but Against the Grizzlies, he took on a very different role: sniper from the perimeter.

No misfires in the first quarter, James added 11 points (including three triples) to model a great staging of the purple and gold ones.

The Lakers star had the support of supporting actors such as Avery Bradley before lackluster Grizzlies in which only Ja Morant and Desmond Bane performed at their usual level (23-30).

The Angelenos’ bench kept the bar high during the rest minutes for James, who, after returning to action, vforgot to push his own against some really misguided and careless Grizzlies (27-39 with 8.25 by half time)

The difference in the exterior success was an unaffordable slab for the locals: in the first half they only managed 2 of 14 in triples.

But an almost reckless Morant in his penetrations (16 points at halftime) responded to James’s challenge and kept the match within a manageable margin (48-54).

… and Morant settles

Russell Westbrook, who had already excelled in the first half as an assistant, continued supplying his teammates to distance the Lakers again (56-66 in the absence of 7.55).

Malik Monk from the outside, Dwight Howard on the inside and defensive intensity They were too much for some Grizzlies who also did not stop suffering from a James who crushed them from the triple (66-78 with 4.47 on the clock).

Somewhat misplaced, the local team seemed to be one step behind their rivals all the time

However, the Grizzlies, in a constant trend of the night, they again took advantage of James’ break to get dangerously close on the scoreboard thanks to a triple on the horn of Morant (78-83).

That’s when the Memphis time came.

Between the clasp of the third quarter and the start of the last, the Grizzlies got a 13-0 run to equalize the match (83-83).

Bane stepped forward, the Lakers lost the north and the grizzlies took the advantage for the first time since the opening quarter (93-92 with 6.50 to go), but the best of Morant’s show was still missing.

Elusive and tireless Morant stole the limelight from James and led the Grizzlies up 3 points in the last minute, a slim advantage that the Lakers no longer knew how to cut because they wasted possession to force overtime.

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